The wealth management industry moves toward a more holistic asset management model ( as part of a long-term industry trend ). Today the constant growth of attention towards specific services dedicated to art is a trend now consolidate ( 9 Asset managers out of 10 in fact say that ). Art assets and collectibles should be included in the offer of services offered. The question “Do you think that art and collectibles should become part of the overall management of assets?” has been subjected to wealth manager, industry operators and collectors. 

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The factors that moves the purchase of art works by collectors are mainly emotional and social.  However, even the financial factor is becoming more and more important. Collectors are not speculators, but an individuals who accumulates value in assets that involve him emotionally and who intends to increase, protect and manage their own assets. The wealth management industry moves toward a more holistic asset management model and Art and wealth management are part of the same long-term industry trend.


The answer is yes. Using the Inch Platform (, it is possible in a few seconds to list the stocks of 71 countries, including those listed on the local stock exchanges. The list is made for trend / momentum DSS scores (

In this way, we get a list about 75,000 shares. However, why about 75,000 and not as an absolute number? Because every day there are new quotations with stocks that are delisted and therefore the total number changes daily.

It should also be noted that in order to give an objective response in terms of strength, neutrality and weakness, it is necessary to have a sufficiently long daily time series to activate the parameters set by the trend / momentum DSS.

Info referred to 2018

Therefore, the number of 75,000 shares must be interpreted by default because there are stocks that will enter the ranking over time, based on a sufficient daily time series.

Now the strongest stock in the world for trend and acceleration is a Korean stock Daeho AL Co Ltd isin code KR7069460004. The company is engaged in the production and distribution of aluminum products InchCapital Platform – Daeho AL Co Ltd isin code KR7069460004.

For the short term (daily time series), the DSS is bullish since March 2, 2018 and therefore from the opening of the next session of March 5, 2018, i.e. from KRW 1250 without currently showing any exit or sell signals. The next target is KRW 7433 with stop at KRW 4303.

Info referred to 2018

For the medium / long-term (weekly time series) the DSS is bullish starting March 16, 2018 and therefore from KRW 1995 also in this case there are currently no exit and sell signals. The next bullish target is KRW 7784 with stop at KRW 2729.

By Emanuele Cecere. Introduction by Sergio Battimiello

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