Q. What is “a breath in design and art”?

A. The project is aimed to promote a brand new indoor design accessory for the aesthetic satisfaction and at the same times well being of people in the environments in which they live and work. Our product is designed to adapt to any indoor space, from the smallest room to big and very big volumes.

Q. What are the main features?

A. Our product is a mix of an original International Artist’s Limited Edition printed in hi-resolution on a fabric wwith purification process completely passive and it uses the natural flow of the air without additional energy sources. The fabric is made up of 

– a front bactericide layer, printed with original artwork

– a back with 2-3 layer with purifing function

– a design frame to fit with contemporary indoor design.

Standard Sizes:

50 x 70  Recommended for rooms up to 10 square meters

70 x 100 Recommended for rooms up to 20 square meters

70 x 140 Recommended for rooms up to 30 square meters

90 x 120 Recommended for rooms up to 30 square meters

Q. After how long does it start purify? And how long does it works?        

A. Its functions start immediatly removing envelop and protection. It works for about 1 year and 8 months and later it start slowly to decade. The fabric purification process is completely passive and it uses the natural flow of the air without additional energy sources.

Q. What’s happen when it will stop its main functions?     

A. You may simply remove the fabric and change it with a brand new one, for a cheap price and-or at the same time keep the picture in the room where it hangs on. Or if you want you may revove as well the frame with the artwork to innovate your collection.

Q. How may I find out what my indoor pollutants are? 

A. Just cut a little piece of fabric (or our 1 cm. Tester) and send to our Laboratory. After 2 week you will know exactly what kind of pollution you have to manage with.


Taking as a reference the data released by the University scientific research, below we provide the absorption values resulting from tests realized according to the provisions specified in the certificated standards. The studies on the effectiveness of this amzing fabric were developed in collaboration with Marche Region Politecnico SIMAU (Science, Matter Engineering, Environment and Urbanism) Department. Tests were realized following the international standards. UNI, ISO, ANSI.


Q. Do the product and fabric comes with Certifications?        

A. Products comes all with Artist’s certificate, signed by Artist and fabric received international Certificagions and aknoledges.

Fabric passed the tests on performance and obtained important certifications:
ISO 16000-9

Test used to define the specific flow by emission surface of
the volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) generated by newly produced building products or finishing products in certain climatic conditions.
UNI 11247
Test used to define the photocatalytic abatement index of the nitric oxides in the air which are produced by inorganic materials.
Method assessing the performances of the domestic air purifiers.
ISO 18184:2019
Determination of antiviral activity of textile products.

Q. How long i have to wait to receive the product after my choice in the Artists’ Gallery and Catalogues?           

A. Production average time is between 10-20 gg., depending on n° copies of your order. Plus shipping time (about 5 days around the worls).

Q. It is possible to customize a design and communication project?

A. Of course as an Agency focused in Art, Design and Culture, we may provide a customized project to meet your taste and needs in Interior Design and Brand Visibility. Please have a look at our References and ask for more details about Products and Projects.