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Carla Tolomeo

Carla Tolomeo was born in Pinerolo (To) but she grow up and studies in Rome where she was formed as painter. Encouraged by Giorgio de Chirico and later by Guttuso, Gentilini and Attardi, in 1971 she exhibited in Lugano, inspired by the Japanese painting.

It would be another illustrious name of the Italian culture, Giovanni Testori, to introduce her to the Cavour Gallery (Milan), through the exhibition Le storie di Erodiade. After moving to Milan, Carla Tolomeo began a new fervent season, developing her studies on the works of Vittore Carpaccio.

Between 1976 and 1980, Carla Tolomeo exhibited in Europe: Vienna, Geneva, Zurich, Athens.

To the memorialist Giacomo Casanova, she would dedicate drawings and etchings, accompanied by the words of Leonardo Sciascia.

After an interesting experience in Paraguay, Carla Tolomeo’s work would once again find its centre in Milan.

Besides producing her creative works, she taught engraving at the Brera Academy and at the Venetian Academy of Art.

In 1995 the Casa Mantegna invites Mrs Tolomeo to Mantova where she exhibits a sequence of Variazioni of the works of Mantegna. In 1996 her works are exhibitited in Prague at the Museo del Lazzaretto Italiano and then in Zagabria in the Italian Culture Institute.

In 1997 Carla Tolomeo is in London at the Leichester’s Galleries with a great exhibition: a Tribute to Leonardo. In the same year, she exhibits Le Sedie that represent a turning point in her production.

With these creations, a pretext of cultural enjoyment, the artist surprised her collectors. As she herself wrote in the presentation of her first catalogue dedicated to the Chairs- Sculptures, her philosophy is the mutation/transformation of any object into an artistic object, beginning with the most simple household item: a chair. Encouraged by her life’s experiences, her studies, the memory of her old teacher, Giorgio de Chirico, Carla Tolomeo is capable of transforming the chair into a totem, a fish movement, a gigantic flower… Her Chairs-Sculptures begin something magical that brings to mind memories of our infancy, with the mischievousness of a well-lived life.

Carla Tolomeo’s artworks are in many famous families collections in the world, such as Doha Sultan family , Bill gates Chairman of Microsoft, as far in P.R. of China (not public domain) and in famous Italian family Marzotto’s collection. Marta Marzotto gave one as a gift to the King of Morocco.

Carla Tolomeo is the only Italian artist on permanently exposition in Hermes Museum as far in MOMA New York US, St.Petersburg Russia, Public Museum of Sao Paulo Brazil.

® Contents courtesy of my friend Carla Tolomeo. ® All right reserved. Reproduction not allowed.