Leonardo is a young talented artist from Brera Academy of Fine Art of Milan – Italy.

His work start from the though of Duchamp that consider artist to be able to take daily object and reinterpret to give it new dignity, new functions, new emotion as an art work itself. The frame (the box) here became the picture – the art work itself.

His geometric shape came from that minimalism – yet present in some work of italian artist in the ’70 – that emerged in New York in the early 1960’ a wave of new influences and rediscovered styles that led younger artists to question conventional boundaries between various media. The new art favored the cool over the dramatic: their sculptures were frequently fabricated from industrial materials and emphasized anonymity over the expressive excess of Abstract Expressionism.

The use of prefabricated industrial materials and simple, often repeated geometric forms together with the emphasis placed on the physical space occupied by the artwork led to some works that forced the viewer to confront the arrangement and scale of the forms. 

They were often faced with artworks that demanded a physical as well as a visual response. 

They rejected the formalist dogma espoused by the critic Clement Greenberg that placed limitations on the art of painting and privileged artists who seemed to paint under his direction. The Minimalists’ more democratic point of view was set out in writings as well as exhibitions by their leaders Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris as the well known Donald Judd.

Leonardo take part of an european  modern group of artists such as Regine Schumann.