THIS IS AN ABSTRACT FROM A LECTURE ” Why should invest in art ? ” about International Art Market, made in cooperation with CAIA Association (Chinese Art Investment Alliance) on June 2018 in Shanghai. Artdesignbox and CAIA are together to promote Art and Culture, both Italian and Chinese, to create a bridge and develop relations between the two Countries. (ASK FOR INFORMATIONS AND CLASS)





The global art market. Overview ( Information referred to year 2018 )

Why should invest in art

What are you looking at? How to start to buy contemporary art. 

A short selection of italian affordable contemporary artists


  1. 全球艺术品拍卖成交额增长18%,总计84.5亿美元。
  2. 交易保持稳定,售出26.2万件,较2017年上半年增长2.5%。
  3. 美国增长了48%,总营业额为33亿美元。
  4. 拥有20亿美元营业额的中国在一个决定性的H2之前降低了其未售出率。
  5. 欧盟对经济增长做出了贡献:法国增长8%,德国增长17%,意大利增长22%。
  6. 现代艺术,一直是市场上最重要的部分,占总营业额的46%,当代艺术的全球价格指数上涨了27%。 莫迪利亚尼和毕加索的业绩都超过了近1亿美元。赵无极是2018年上半年中国表现最好的公司,营业额为1.55亿美元。
  1. Global auction turnover on Fine Art* rose 18%, totalling $8.45 billion

2. Transactions remained stable with 262,000 lots sold, up 2.5% vs. H1 2017

3. The USA had a massive 48% increase, with total turnover of $3.3 billion

4. China, with $2 billion in turnover, reduced its unsold rate before a decisive H2

5. The EU is contributing to growth: France +8%, Germany +17%, Italy +22%

6. Modern Art, has been the most important section of the mkt with 46% of total turnover and Contemporary Art’s global price index rose 27%. Modigliani and Picasso both generated results above the almost $100 million. Zao Wou-Ki was China’s best-performer in H1 2018 with turnover of $155 million


  • 考虑到2008年的金融危机及其对之后艺术品价格的影响,艺术品市场似乎已经相当成熟,现在正处于一种新形式的稳定和脱离经济形势的独立状态。
  • 这种稳定性建立在大量交易的基础上:每学期超过25万批,有效地构成了国际艺术市场的坚实基础。
  • 2018年上半年(500万美元以上)售出的229件作品与2017年上半年(仅为163件)进行比较
  • 超高端市场,即少数极为罕见的作品(超过1亿美元),现在对全球年营业额总额有很大影响。
  • 阿布扎比酋长去年11月为达芬奇的萨尔瓦多·蒙迪代表作支付了4.5亿美元,占2017年全球艺术品总营业额的3%

A new form of stability in the Art Market

  • Considering the financial crisis in 2008 – and its repercussions on art prices the following year – the Art Market appears to have considerably matured and is now enjoying a new form of stability and independence from the economic situation.
  • This stability is based on a very large volume of transactions: over 250,000 lots each semester, effectively constituting a solid basis for the International Art Market.
  • Compare the 229 works sold in H1 2018 (above the $5 million) with H1 2017  ( the number was only 163 )
  • The ultra-high-end market, i.e. a handful of extremely rare works (> $100 million) now has a great impact on global annual turnover totals.
  • The $450 million paid by the Emirate of Abu-Dhabi for Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi masterpiece last November, alone accounted for 3% of 2017’s total global Fine Art turnover 

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Sergio Battimiello is an Italian Art Director and Art Curator. Founder of ArtDesignBox Art and Craft, Shanghai Ltd. Previously Managing Director of a Top Italian Events Agency. He contributed to start up the Event and Meeting Venue “ARTDESIGNBOX” in Milano Expo 2015 with the endorsement of Milano Brera Fine Art Academy, one of the most important Art and Design Academy in Italy.

Ellen Cui is the President of C.A.I.A (Chinese Art Investment Alliance) and Art Curator.China Art Investment Alliance is a national association part of the China Information Industry Association Investment and Financing Information Branch which is supported by the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China (NDRC). CAIA’s purpose is to promote the rich and diverse Chinese culture and to promote international cooperation, partnerships and exchanges.