<< The Design on the road iniziative was an opportunity to show the dinamismo of academic activity in direct and permanent dialogue with the contemporary art and design scene. >>

The Design on the Road iniziative provided visibility and power to milanese institution Brera Fine Art Academy Milano and their STUDENTS: it consists of documentary material but is also provided a perspective to make italian academies and the process they are currently implementing more understandable and clear. The set of events that together create Salone del Mobile Milano (Design Week) is not be understood as a separate reality but as an open initiative, an opportunity to rethink and reflect on the current state of our art accademies, reiterating the urgency of a dialogue between different institutions and collaboration between school and discipline. >>

The Design on the road iniziative is a concept project that involved students, professors and communication professionals in a on the road temporary exibition during the Milan Design Week about brand new design works by the Students of Brera Fine Art Academy under the supervision of Brera Fine Art Design Academy’s Professors and a team of the Advertising and Events Agency ArtDesignBox. The Design on the road iniziative was promoted with a set of multimedia activities and supported by Companies’ sponsorship. Received the endorsement of LOMBARDIA REGION, COMUNE DI MILANO, PROViNCIA DI MILANO and more.

On the road in MILANO CITY and RHO CITY

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