A tribune exibition to the famous fashion designer made in cooperation with Brera Fine Art Academy Academy’ Students. An amazing fashion show inspired by the life of the artist itself. The show was accompanied with the intriguing portraits of the most trendy K.People in Milan, the generation of Instagram, by the photographer MARCO TESSAROLO, in a wonderful black and white and big size format.

The designer Elsa Schiaparelli may be the original architect of the provocative art and fashion campaign. In 1937, Wallis Simpson wore the eponymous printed silk organza lobster dress created by the artist Salvador Dali and Schiaparelli for a Vogue spread. In addition to several collaborations with Dali — including a hot pink shoe hat — Schiaparelli worked with the artist Jean Cocteau on a dazzling metallic evening jacket, which is housed at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.