We will proudly partecipate at MetaBeat 2022, the metaverse event for tech and enterprise decision makers. On October 2022 in San Francisco C.A.

Content overview:

The future outlook. What will the metaverse mean for enterprise?

  • How is the gaming industry leading us into the metaverse future and what can other industries learn?
  • Edge vs Cloud; where will the Metaverse reside? Who will curate the data? Who will provide supporting infrastructure?
  • Unlocking the metaverse with AI.
  • Interoperability and the open metaverse.
  • Safety, regulations, and compliance of the Metaverse
  • Exploring the most innovative communication & collaboration technology
  • Digital employee experience and Future of Work
  • The re-emergence of AR/VR technology
  • Getting ready for NFTs and cryptocurrency’s widespread use

Follow real time news report by our correspondent at MetaBeat event.